South Hills Dek Hockey


· Foul Language (Swearing) will not be tolerated at any time, any level, for any reason if it’s directed at players, refs, fans or coach! There are kids that accompany parents to watch the games, and honestly, there is no need for it. A (1) minute unsportsmanlike penalty will be given out – all the time. No exceptions! If the swearing continues, a 2nd (1) minute unsportsmanlike penalty will be given followed by a game misconduct (ejection) then a suspension. Thanks for understanding.

· The policy for slamming sticks on any surface (i.e. on surface, boards, nets, glass, fence, etc. or anywhere else) is as follows. Any player who slams a stick on any surface will be assessed a (1) minute unsportsmanlike penalty. If any surface is damaged, player will be responsible for paying for the replacement. NOTE: Said player will not play another game until the cost of the repair is paid.


· Fighting (1 punch) – Fighting is not permitted at any time on SHDH property and yes (1) punch is considered fighting. There will be zero tolerance on this matter. Player(s) fighting will receive a major penalty, game misconduct and up to a 1 year suspension.
(Those protecting themselves from fighting will be disciplined on a case by case matter thru the Head of Officiating, after reviewing it with the Referees.)

· High stick – A player cannot raise stick above shoulders when calling for a pass. This is a (1) minute penalty.

· LOB rule – We do not enforce the LOB rule as some rinks do.

· Starting time of game – Our games are scheduled on the hour. At 5 minutes past start time, delay of game penalty will be given. At 10 minutes past start time, at 2nd delay of game will be given. At 15 minutes past the start of the game, it is a forfeit!!!! We will not run the clock for any of the periods.

· Code of conduct – All players should have read and signed this paper. A few reminders – abusive behavior, threatening of any player, spectator, coach, employee or anyone else will NOT be tolerated and any person(s) will be asked to leave the property immediately. 

· Checking – Major penalties + roughing/intentional stick related incident is at least, an automatic 3 game suspension or more. This will be determined after review by the Head of Officiating.

· Drugs/Alcohol – Any players or team who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be removed from the game and face suspension. Anyone caught drinking or using drugs on the property will face suspension. Teams are asked to assist SHDH by advising fans of this policy.

· Stopping/Cancelling Game in progress – Referees have the authority to halt play at any time once the game is underway and award a win to either team regardless of the score. This will be done if it is determined that either team is being disruptive to the orderly course of the game.

· No smoking/chewing tobacco – Under no circumstances will chewing tobacco of any form be allowed in the rink or the team benches.

· Each team is to supply (3) balls each prior to the game starting. Any balls remaining will go the Visitors first then the Home teams.